Is There Such as a Thing as Absolute Truth?

If you want to say there there is no absolute truth, such as "it's all just narrative", with no certainty – certainties, as for example the ones revealed in the self-evidence of logical proofs, as in mathematics, science (or sometimes in the higher wisdom philosophies), that flash into the human mind; or such as found in the light of natural reason... then good luck with that.

This faculty of truth is enjoyed by all that allow it — a faculty gifted by God or Nature as it were — such a one as allows common sense, and even communication of real meaning itself, not to mention love between seemingly separate beings.

If you suppose there is no Truth with a capital "t", and all is narrative, then one has to wonder how we will evaluate your own statement? By what standard, method or proof? Only your own? By emotions? By crowd pressure?

Well then, at least you can now safely join the various dictators of history, and the “narratives” of post-modern literature professors et al, in claiming your truth is authoritative, enforced by threat of violence, verbal censure, and bad grades.

Only rhetoric and propaganda will be generated by such assumptive minds (kind of reminds one of modern media, “social” and otherwise…).

An interesting tangent, along similar (of the ends and bends of logical) lines: “Everything I say is a lie”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it… :))

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Eric Platt

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