"Cloud Joy" Eric Platt ©2007
"Cloud Joy" Eric Platt ©2007

Facts of Life – The Axioms of Happiness

One day a few years ago, when I was complaining to a Zen-like life coach and friend, he confronted me in a very direct way, with some powerful questions. The central one was “Who are you?”. The second one was “If you want love, give love.” This all hit me like a lightning bolt, and many revelations unfolded over the next few days. It stopped my mind in its tracks.

Here’s what I realized:

If anything is spiritual, everything is. All experiences.
If everything is spiritual, all thinking is.
Your unhappy thinking is no big deal.
“No one cares so why should you?”
You’re already happy, you just didn’t know it.
You don’t have any problems.
It’s all happening right Now.
None of this is personal.
Everyone is already enlightened.
It is like running around clutching a handful of diamonds, complaining you are poor, seeking riches.
The logic of the mind that keeps one limited to an imaginary jail is not real, and can be dissolved, evaporated by a love and energy that Is.

So … expand, open, and
Enjoy life!
It’s all a mystery.



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