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Beyond Isms (and a Touch of Humor)

I suppose I’m a “person of color” since I’m a sort of pinkish tannish whitish color, but I think the term is better reserved for people like my friend Quipatl, from the planet Phasarius near the star Sirius, who is a bright greenish-aqua color (with iridescent undertones). However she objects to the term, saying she doesn’t want to be called a “person”, as humans are a primitive species always trying to label and categorize other unique and beautiful beings of the vibrational energy matrix, getting caught in -isms and judgements and biases of all sorts, projecting images onto others, instead of doing the easy thing, which is the feelingness of the reality of immense love for all in All – since what we are always anyway is infinite Love and Intelligence and Beauty. Silly humans…

Which is why we are always playing at little tantrums of consciousness in our sandbox called Earth (The Phasarians prefer talking to dolphins and whales, telepathically of course). She just laughs at how we take words and concepts as real. I take it personally of course, standing up for the rights of humans… at which she laughs some more.
Some people…

(The above piece—originally inspired by meditating on the occasional convolutions of some “sensitive” PC language—is an edited version of a posting the author made to the nondual humor group on Facebook )


Discussion (from earlier notes on “-isms”)

Why have any religion at all, or ideologies (theism, atheism, agnosticism, materialism, spiritualism, consumerism, climatism, puritanism, feminism, male-ism, racism, socialism, capitalism, garbage-ism… pick your -ism)? Why not go free? Beliefs are for the timid, holding on for dear life, frightened by the past, the future, the imagination.

… or politics for that matter. Politics is a symptom of an underlying dis-ease: a lack of love, a lack of freedom (freedom and love cannot be separated). Politics is not the answer, as it will only create more of the same. Which will go on and on. You must transcend levels. Find what unites, really. Not slogans or ideologies.

Be brave. Be courageous. Live in the pure fact of Now, the Open Sky. Like a bird. A bird of presence.

What do you know for certain?

If you’re only dancing on this planet for a short while, then isn’t it important to find out, find your happiness?



  1. andrew on June 26, 2020 at 3:52 am

    At a recent Satsang I attended I was described by someone in the group who is, according to their Guru, in the 550+ LOC – Unconditional Love – as ‘Bad Energy’.
    Hard to reconcile that comment and that supposed Level Of Consciousness. It turned out the group is as political as it is spiritual and I was on the wrong side of the political fence.

    It’s by no means confined to a single group of course, check Youtube for videos on ND and the comments are riddled with right wing Q-anon supporters. I can’t reconcile that, not even a little bit, with the professed Non-Duality belief.

    Can it be reconciled? I struggle with Caste systems in Hinduism so I know I’m sensitive to these issues but can earthly politics (of whatever hue I suppose but particularly right wing beliefs) ever be reconciled with these spiritual beliefs?
    Either I’m utterly crazy or they are but there are so many of them how can they (or I) have it so utterly about face?

    • andrew on June 27, 2020 at 3:32 pm

      Please ignore that. I found the answer (and reassurance) within a piece given by Francis Lucille quoting Robert Adams in a paper by Eric Platt.
      What are the odds? Thank you!

      • meestereric on June 27, 2020 at 5:50 pm

        Hi Andrew – I’m glad you ran across the video (nothing is random in reality). And thank you for sparing me the work of answering your question in detail haha!

        The paper in question that Francis read part of was an email I sent to Laura Lucille. It is quoted in full here:

        I will say this though, just because it’s a curiosity others may run across in the spiritual arena: for some odd reason, non-duality and wisdom teachings are often associated in the mind as properly going with certain political outlooks (generally on the liberal, social “progressive” side, if I’m not mistaken). This is because the seeker is still seeing the world and themselves as real. They see themselves in a position in space in time in a solid, separate world out there, and thus are finite, limited and full of all the problems needing fixing and suffering to be addressed and all the bad stuff that they as a “good” or spiritual person must address, in the future as well as the past, and a “now” in the imaginary timeline. It’s all based on beliefs spawning from the core belief and feeling to be separate. To be separate is a feeling of wrongness, incompleteness, wounded-ness, lack, and fear, and of course this is projected on a world and a social sphere of mass consciousness and all the rhetoric and programming that is absorbed to attempt to salve the wound, feel better. It goes nowhere. But it’s part of the play, the game, the show. Tune in to be entertained. Or take action if you feel compelled. But do it from the heart, not programming.

        The central idea is that all that we see and all that we create starts in the mind of you. If we had no “mind” there would not be the creation of problems, the seeing of problems, or the need for solutions to problems.
        The conflict that politics feeds has it’s origins in the human mind, and not out there in the world. Where else would it come from? We create great art and great wars. Same mind: creative and destructive (there are Hindu gos and goddesses to parallel that). Why do countless sages say, in different words, “be the change you want to see”? Because not only will you see a different world when you know what you are, but you will affect the seeming world, without effort, harmonizing it by your existence, presence, existence, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Conflict is part of duality, but not inherent in reality. Reality is not what the senses, the mind presents. That’s what this site, my writing is about: going beyond the mind.


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