Wisps of Freedom

On Beyond Depression

By meestereric / November 16, 2020 /

I was diagnosed with “clinical depression” 30 years ago or so, and told I’d be on Prozac (a popular SSRI antidepressant at the time) for the rest of my life, akin to how a diabetic needs to take insulin. Over the years I learned how what the doctors said was a lie, and the society…

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How To End Anxiety: The Dawning of a New Understanding

By meestereric / April 24, 2016 /

Here’s my two cents on anxiety: something I’d had lots of experience with, once I’d cured myself of depression. Today it was happening—I was feeling anxious—and as often in the case, I was not sure if it was associated with thoughts about anything in the external world. They call this “generalized anxiety” in the psychiatric…

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