Openness, Ego Death and Psychedelics

By Eric Platt / May 19, 2024 /

Have you ever noticed how kids can have fun so easily, without any fancy toys or drugs or special circumstances? Playfulness and lightness are natural. A stick, a culvert, and a friend (or not) are all that’s needed. * Some context for what this article is about: regarding psychedelics, the current culture either: 1. denigrates,…

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An Inquiry Into Feelings

By Eric Platt / April 26, 2024 /

I’m adopting a garden. A labyrinth. What do you mean adopted? Good question. I volunteered to be the one to take care of this section of the botanical garden. I can pretend to be like a little old Zen monk, toiling away, weeding the Zen garden, day after day, ignored by the world, listening to…

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On Having Never Left: Being Awake to Being Awake

By Eric Platt / April 22, 2024 /

A reader asks: … there is no way for us to presume that freedom from self deception or waking up however we wish to phrase it, has any similarity for different instances of consciousness. The only similarity we can vouch for is its ineffability… The various words used to express the inexpressible often seem to have…

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Tracing Consciousness Back to the Source

By Eric Platt / March 14, 2024 /

Let’s “reverse engineer” Consciousness, tracing it back to the Source, the origin of the world. And, to address the modern skeptic and materialist – who the author often tried to communicate with in his line of work and interest – let’s examine what happens in experience, if we start from our outward perceptions and our…

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image Morning Fog

On Beyond Cause and Effect, Part II

By meestereric / March 13, 2020 /

A reader asked “how can one go beyond cause and effect?” in response to my article “On Beyond Cause and Effect“. Here is one possible answer (hopefully a practical one): One cannot, as a person, as a human being, go beyond cause and effect. In other words as a separate entity, one has zero freedom.…

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On Beyond Thinking – How To Be Present

By meestereric / June 24, 2019 /

How to be more loving and happy and at peace? Be more present. To what is real. How to be present? Quiet down the thinking, the mind, without introducing the doer. Don’t try and stop thinking. Just observe benevolently (with curiosity if it’s there). The doer can’t squelch (forcefully silence or suppress) the doer –…

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How To Stop Thinking

By meestereric / April 19, 2019 /

It is sometimes thought, or heard from spiritual teachers, that one needs to stop thinking. Why would one want to stop thinking? The question comes up when it begins to dawn on one the importance of thought and thinking in one’s life and in one’s outlook and happiness. One begins to see how much negative…

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