The Non-Dual Revolution, Chapter I: Defining “Consciousness” the Word

By Eric Platt / June 2, 2023 /

Unraveling the Concept & the Experience We are on the cusp of a revolution, one as profound as anything that has happened to humankind, or indeed with Life itself. It is the Non-Dual Revolution. It is the giving birth, in Consciousness, of a whole new way of living, a new reality. It’s not a “new…

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Life as an Open System: Challenging the Mathematical View of Evolution

By Eric Platt / May 31, 2023 /

Recently I saw this tweet from Brian Roemmele. While I think Brian is a very interesting and creative thinker indeed (and I love Arthur C. Clarke as a science fiction writer), I would challenge the worldview put forth by Clarke in the video. 1964, Arthur C. Clarke on the next evolution of the computer. Love…

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Non-Duality 101: How to Realize Oneself

By Eric Platt / April 30, 2023 /

This is a reminder (to myself and others – who don’t actually exist). How To Know And Realize What Is Eternal Q: What is Non-Duality? A: Non-duality means “not two”. How it works is, you look at what you are not. So, for example: you are not numbers in a bank account. You are not…

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The Impersonal Nature of Thought

By Eric Platt / December 26, 2022 /

Thought is always impersonal, even when it seems not to be. Whether we see it or not… Indeed, it is kind of an odd experiencing, once it’s actually seen and experienced as it is, and is not just an idea, belief or intellectual insight. It can take some adjustment. There can be a wavering… here…

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Non-Duality Is Not Spiritual

By meestereric / August 3, 2022 /

Although what we call spirituality may have something to do with nonduality, it is obvious that nonduality has nothing to do with spirituality. It’s not even an experience, and cannot be an experience, nor item of experience. Nothing can be known about it. And yet, people go to spiritual teachers, as if something can be…

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No Real Body or World? ! Why Is The Changing Unreal?

By meestereric / March 17, 2022 /

What in the world is meant by this? It’s an outlandish and ridiculous claim, an unworldly Eastern philosophical religious bit of non-sense, New Age woo woo, right? Even spiritual folks with a lifetime of meditation, practices, study and experience under their belt would reject or resist this assertion, since this body and world are all…

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image A Constellation's Cosmic Color Celebration

Who Are You Really?

By meestereric / October 27, 2021 /

If you had no thoughts, and if your girlfriend or boyfriend asks you what you were thinking about, and you say to her or him that you were thinking how you had no thoughts, your thought would be that you had no thoughts, which is a thought. But before that, you had no thoughts. In…

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The Meaning of Meaning (and On Beyond Religion)

By meestereric / October 19, 2021 /

If you’re happy and not worried, and absorbed in living, you’re generally not inherently concerned with the “meaning of life” question (although one might contemplate it for fun or to share with friends, like I am doing). Still, even if happy, one can have a “glimpse”, or more glimpses of reality that reveal more of…

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Art and Freedom

By meestereric / July 26, 2021 /

Art and Freedom, The Art of Living, Love and Consciousness, True Freedom Sometimes the obvious is useful or helpful to state. I used to be an artist. That is, I identified with that sense of being one, of doing art, or, wanting to “be” an artist, as in a career or identity. Now I see…

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No Mind

By meestereric / July 9, 2021 /

The mind doesn’t actually exist. While it is useful to say, such as to a student of non-duality or of a spiritual path, that “mind” is defined as external sense perceptions, bodily sensations, and thoughts (which are in fact internal visual images, sounds, and sometimes the other senses like smell, taste, kinesthetic bodily sensations) the…

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