Free Will

Non-Duality and Suffering V. 1

By Eric Platt / May 28, 2024 /

This is an earlier revision of the post on non-duality and suffering. After a reader talked about being depressed, and reacted to the article, I re-wrote it to seem less harsh. However, I’m re-posting it because I think it’s worthy, or at least interesting enough, to preserve. It’s more direct, for better or worse.  …

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Non-Duality and Suffering V. 2

By meestereric / September 7, 2022 /

A Dialogue   Q: What’s your real value, at the end of the day, after years of seeking and suffering and finding, and all you’ve inquired into and seen and practiced over the decades? Is it worth anything, or just empty at the end of the day?   Seems to me all this non-dual talk…

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