Free Will

Reflections on Spontaneous Will

By Eric Platt / September 26, 2023 /

A friend had this quote as an avatar in What’sApp recently:   “If you can bring your consciousness, your awareness, your intelligence to the act, if you can be spontaneous, then there is no need for any other religion, life itself will be the religion.”   – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) It’s a funny, ironic,…

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Where’s The Will? Or, Liberation in an Instant

By Eric Platt / July 11, 2023 /

One of the deepest mysteries of life is about free will. It’s obvious there can be nothing like will for a separate entity. A separate, individual will makes no sense, if you think about it: where would it be? Every thing is subject to cause and effect, causation, time and motion… what they call “nature…

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The “Last Article” and Maktub

By Eric Platt / March 10, 2023 /

As it gets simpler and simpler, seeing what life is, there is less and less to say (unless you’re a “teacher” or a pundit, or a professional writer…). If I were to wander off into the wilderness, the desert – and it is something I like to do, wandering in the desert (what is the…

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Non-Duality and Suffering

By meestereric / September 7, 2022 /

A Dialogue with an Unknown Source   Q: What’s your real value, at the end of the day, after years of seeking and suffering and finding, and all you’ve inquired into and seen and practiced over the decades? Is it worth anything, or just empty at the end of the day?   Seems to me…

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The Matrix Resurrections and The Desert of the Unreal

By meestereric / January 7, 2022 /

The Matrix Resurrections and The Desert of the Unreal: A Philosophical Review Somewhere in a shop in the matrix world: [Bugs] It’s not something I can explain easily, but… But the moment he looked at me, I felt something… unlock my mind. [agent] Okay. Something like that happened to me. I saw this pattern… and…

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image – Moon and Mars with Ring and Contrail

The Effortless Way

By meestereric / December 25, 2020 /

If there were an effort, where would it come from? In a stream, there are eddies and currents, and though some of these little eddies spin like mad, caught behind rocks, they make no effort to be what they are, effortless and free-flowing. How do we account for the paradox that an artist engaged in…

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Cliff Clouds With No Name

Is The World Real? Reflections on Change and Illusion

By meestereric / February 1, 2020 /

Is the world real? Why is it said by non-dualist teachers and sages of Advaita vedanta that the fact that the world of phenomena, of the senses and perception, is constantly changing, shows that it is illusory, whereas reality is unchanging, permanent? I asked this of Francis Lucille once. I said, “A candle flame is…

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Free Will: The Question Arises in the Answer

By meestereric / January 20, 2020 /

“As long as individuality lasts there is free will. All the scriptures are based on this fact and they advise directing the free will in the right channel. Find out to whom free will or destiny matters. Find out where they come from, and abide in their source. If you do this, both of them…

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