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To Be a Human is the Be Frustrated

By Eric Platt / April 14, 2024 /

Readers were asking why all the articles disappeared… It’s too much “responsibility” for lack of a better word… besides, I never intended to start a blog, but that’s what people called it. It was merely a writing experiment (such as for maybe a book project down the road) to test things out, and to share…

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Self Inquiry: On Spiritual Liberation

By Eric Platt / April 1, 2024 /

I have a question.   [S = “Student” A = “Teacher”] T: OK. S: How can I attain spiritual liberation. T: I don’t know. I am not spiritual. S: You seem like a very spiritual dude. T: I don’t have a spiritual bone in my body. S: Really… (sounding dubious). T: They’ve all dissolved. S:…

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Nonduality and the Three Principles Psychology as Teaching Models

By meestereric / December 27, 2017 /

An acquaintance from an online forum sent a message to me recently, with a good question about Sydney Banks, who had a large awakening experience and, eventually, inspired what became the Three Principles Psychology movement. His question was in regards to its relation to nonduality teachings (I’d sent him some articles about nonduality student’s experiences):…

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