How Is This Even Possible?

By Eric Platt / September 21, 2023 /

To see light. To Be. To Exist. To have any experience at all. Sidebar: What’s the point of suffering in order to not suffer – to sort of refine our happiness through trials and tribulations, refinement-by-fire, hone away the imperfections of the diamond, to prepare, burn away – as if there was anyone (separate) to…

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Does Consciousness Ever Die?

By meestereric / January 21, 2020 /

Does Consciousness Ever Die, Disappear or “Go Under”? Q: If I am consciousness (which I know I am)… and, if consciousness gets lost under General Anesthesia, what does it mean regarding my “life”? When am I ever born and when do I die? Or, is consciousness more like a function, a process… like digestion and…

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Image © 2019 Eric Platt

What is Real? Sailing On The Sea Of The Unknown

By meestereric / September 25, 2019 /

“…a non-mental [material] world is inevitably abstract.” – Bernardo Kastrup “No question can be there regarding the time, place and cause of the origin of this world, for these themselves are part of the world, for these themselves form parts of the world. The question seeks to have an explanation of the whole in terms…

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