Poem: She Is There (guest post by Rachel Sopher)

By Eric Platt / January 20, 2024 /

Our body is an empty cup From loss to loss to mourn to grow up is to grieve And still she is there spinning through sky’s waters long tentacles flowing with silent grace grasping at nothing moving with languor as if just to dance as if just to dance for the sake of her own…

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The Open Everything

By meestereric / August 30, 2022 /

How does one describe this “openness”? It’s like trying to describe empty space. What does freedom smell like? It’s not spiritual, not scientific, not psychological – not any thing. It has no story, no past, no future. It can perhaps better be described as an absence. But even that is not it … not right,…

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alOne in the Silence: A Poem

By meestereric / December 15, 2021 /

A persistent assumption There are Others And listening to the insistent mind Which wants attention – Look at me! As if it were alone in a vast universe of loneliness “I’m a This, I’m a that…” it says A man, a woman, and old one, a young one A rich one, a poor one A…

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Poem: You Are Singular (Guest Post – Thomas Stern)

By meestereric / October 30, 2020 /

It is deliciously simple: Your true identity is no identity. It is easy: You do not own a thing Nothing of what you see is yours You are not what you did You are not what you saw You are not what you thought Because there isn’t a you apart from doing A you apart…

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On Beyond Being Human: a Sort of Poem

By meestereric / January 7, 2019 /

Let’s consider this scenario: It’s all or nothing: because there is no partial Self, and self-realization is not for persons (egos) or separate entities. Since there is no one anyway. No bodies. And “Mind” with a small “m” is synonymous with movement, as in “a movement and a rest” (Gospel of Thomas, 50). We could…

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The Garden of Bliss

By meestereric / October 11, 2018 /

In the garden of bliss there are no formulas no principles only the sun blazing away unknown All to all sweet as infinite love has no opposite pure perfect absolute beyond the mind beyond thought no intermediate direct silent Presence

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Who Am I?

By meestereric / June 15, 2018 /

If it’s not the bodily sensations, the thoughts, the perceptions if it’s spontaneous, effortless if it’s not focused or contracted but expanded and unfocused if it’s not in time, or in space Then it must be already that way: already witnessing, seeing, aware, boundless, ever-present, happy, uncaused in its nature, It must be what Is,…

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Poem: Doesn’t Matter

By meestereric / January 23, 2018 /

Doesn’t Matter What you do Still undivided Human field of consciousness Just to be quiet Peace Joy Love is the Universal Constant Even the the farthest asteroids Swim in this ocean Forged of Indefatigable iron Bottomless zero Cold as space Indestructible Pure New Unimagined Fire Courageous Perfect Guide Terra nonfirma Death Is the same as…

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Surrender the Leaf to the Stream

By meestereric / April 1, 2017 /

Are Happiness and Enlightenment the same thing? Why is there purported to be an equation between consciousness and the ground of reality, where the objects of consciousness are in fact merely appearances, no matter how consistent and lawful, and like images on a screen being underneath mere screen, derived from and existing only as Consciousness?…

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Poem: My Head Is Gone

By meestereric / November 27, 2016 /

My Head Is Gone Went home and discovered My Home is everywhere Sand blasted through time My foot is a radio Picking an Infinite line Zero definition But so sublime Quiet body, Quiet mind … Love is an Atheist Utterly blind To conditions Right left forward or behind Scriptures flow fast away like rain God…

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