Psychedelics & Nonduality: Towards an Understanding of Ego Death , Openness, and More

By Eric Platt / May 19, 2024 /

Have you ever noticed how kids can have fun so easily, without any fancy toys or drugs or special circumstances? Playfulness and lightness are natural. A stick, a culvert, and a friend (or not) are all that’s needed. * Some context for what this article is about: regarding psychedelics, the current culture either: 1. Denigrates,…

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CACTUS JOURNEY – Mountain Hike August 18, 2013

By Eric Platt / August 18, 2013 /

Was a good day: hike in mountains, ate San Pedro. Unbelievable how the swallows came out, as I was sitting at the overlook where Rowan’s ashes were released a couple few years ago. Seems like a miracle I fucking found the spot too. Just came upon it, and I knew. There’d been a fire there.…

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