The Fascinating Error of Non-Duality Students: Food, Sex, Money and Truth

By meestereric / July 13, 2024 /

It seems to be consistent with modern guru’s or teacher’s behaviors and teachings that liberation or awakening or enlightenment or whatever you want to call it, does not reduce the desire or love of food, money, or sex. (And yes, I’m aware of the distinction made by some teachers of “self realization” or “establishment” versus…

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True Love and Relationships, Part 1

By meestereric / October 30, 2020 /

A series about non-dual love. This article is the first in a series about love and relationships. It may challenge your ideas about love, or it may serve as a clarification of what you’ve already seen. It will serve as an introduction to this topic, and (hopefully) open a dialogue. The style or aim is…

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Is Meditation Needed?: Meditation and the Three Principles

By meestereric / March 22, 2016 /

  Meditation… Like yoga, is something you hear about more and more, as more and more people do it, talk about it, or feel they should do it. But with increased popularity, is there a decrease in understanding? Like yoga, which has gone from a deep practice of mind-body-spirit integration, to more of an American-style…

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