I enjoy the process of drawing. I lay down a line, and proceed intuitively, letting one line and imagined shape suggest another, and watch it unfold! It’s kind of like advanced doodling: a visual flow of consciousness.
It’s fun and meditative. I believe it allows me to get into a more right-brain mode.

You could see these as super doodles, “mind maps” or thought maps, as they reflect what’s in my thought system and how I’m feeling at the time. Probably I am working out ideas and relationships in my subconscious. Sometimes I’ll do it while talking to a person on the phone. I believe it helps me listen better. I’ll write words within the drawing reflecting what’s on my mind, or something to remember

This gallery are drawing done in pen and ink on 8 12 x 11 inch paper, loose or in a journal type book.

Enjoy, and contact me if you are interested in purchasing.