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On Beyond False Imagination

“There appears to be a knot between the consciousness and the flesh. A knot that separates the consciousness from the flesh. This knot is called imagination. ” – Robert Adams

“Our Beingness sets up a mind which imagines it’s a body” – Lester Levenson

The Buddhists call it “false imagination”: the projection of a seeming objective universe, including a body and a mind.

So remove the knot, the flesh disappears – on beyond the illusion of being human, the mortal dream that is.

That’s the theory anyway. I’ve only glimpsed it in total, but live it more and more where the rubber hits the road, in this weird and beautiful dream here on this apparent planet.

In my experience, there is more of, in letting go of “stuff” – the held-onto feelings and ideas, felt in the body as tension or sensations (or what they call “energy”) – a leaving of one feeling lighter in life, freer, with life easier, simpler, and the “what to do” or “how to” answers self-evident in the moment.

There is also the careful, rational examination of long-held programmed beliefs, such as in a separate, limited consciousness, wherein one is left more open to possibility. But it is a possibility with vast implications, once a glimpse of reality, or even just a spark of understanding has been lit.

In that openness is the opportunity, if you take it, of living life as an ongoing investigation of what we are, of being free and non-separate, and truly intelligent. In that intelligence is an organic integrity that includes all, excludes nothing in experience.

“Others” are yourself.

So it can be more like a dissolving of a salt block in the ocean rather than a total disappearance suddenly and once and for all.

Don’t be a fool and seek “enlightenment”. You could waste decades in that spiritual cul-de-sac, trapped in a little self waiting and expecting to get out of self, as a self, someday …

I am still feeling some human-ness here, some localization nonsense… but it’s a step up knowing and having seen it’s nonsense, with a grip in the unconscious.

For example: why would I post to FaceBook or a blog, thinking I am helping others? What others? And who am I to think they need help? Can I do a better job than God running the universe? Do I need someone’s approval? Do I want to control someone’s thinking? No money comes out of this and no practical reason can be found. But I do enjoy it, the exploring and delving deeper, and the love of writing and taking photos.

What more reason or basis of deciding and pursuing a “direction” (goal-less though it may be) than simply following one’s love, moment to moment? That is the divine whispering in our ear more than some sage or teacher blathering on about … false imagination, or whatever.

Non-dual talk can sound like a bunch of gibberish, the babbling of the spiritually pretentious.

My apologies for joining in on all the pretentious spiritual babbling.

At the end of the road, there is nothing spiritual. Or everything is – which is more or less saying the same thing.

The inner meaning of “false imagination” is that the Body-Mind-World (or “BMW” – tongue in cheek) – the entire universe-ing, is a projection of mind. Whatever you see and experience is you.

Now that’s what I call responsibility…


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