image © Eric Platt 2021
image © Eric Platt 2021

The Heart of the Self (A Poem)

Use every moment to go deeper into the heart of the Self. It is always there. Hidden in the facade of the mind, the appearances of the moment, the people and problems of the world…

How can the Self, absolute All, hide from itself … a miracle if there ever was one!

Unveil it in the smile of a colleague, hear it laughing, and  in the breaking open of a problem to a new solution. 

See in the answer to every question of the mind    silent “Unknown”

In the sound of a distant dog barking in the night, the secret of the universe

Reveals a mother pregnant, giving birth to a thousand varieties of flowers 

What room for doubt is thee, o timid mind of man 

Fantasies variegated dreamworks whose chambered ceilings give rise to echoing thoughts… 

Gone in an instant of light.

What faith seeds me

Origin’s invisible




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  1. Ric on July 3, 2021 at 9:33 am

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL & DIRECT… FULL STOP!!!!

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