What I Do

Computer/Software/Web – Design, Development, Security & Consulting



Photography & Art

Who Is This Guy?...

Over the years I've been called... "Renaissance man", "Creative entrepreneur" (more like a humbly self-employed guy as I see it...)... and also "artist", and many other things (such as "eccentric"... 🤣 ) and currently primarily work (meaning the "main money"...) as a consultant for software companies or independent inventors on things like writing, UI/UX design, web dev & design... that is, when I'm not writing my own stuff, or doing photography, or working on some fascinating new inventions.

My paintings, electronic sculpture, and photography have successfully landed in juried shows or are held in private collections... which sounds grandiose but it's been pretty few and far between... I seem to mostly be addicted to writing, truth be told...

I'm also a passionate gardener (of veggies and herbs, mainly) since childhood – the experince of which is going to current inventions.

Have been an explorer of "creative philosophy" (e.g., non-duality) and the field of AI since my 20s.
My educational background is in philosophy, visual art, and computer software engineering. I worked as a science journalist for a while right after college...
I also am self-taught in electronics and mechanical engineering (also known as "building stuff").