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Natural Harmony

Consider how normally the mind controls most of us. We react to something someone says, or something we see, and we go along with this automatic thinking or emotion, as if it were who or what we were. We “identify” with that automatic repeated movement, something from the past, meaning it’s not free, it’s part of the world of cause and effect, unconscious mechanical action. We react from a sense of separation, often at an unconscious level, not seeing that everything is one whole: we may think we have to fight for example, resist, as this separate being, a thing, with opinions, rights, knowledge of good and bad… and we may not like how the universe is being run.

Or we limit ourselves to be safe, based on imagination from past images, rather than fresh living.

If non-separation is your current awareness, there wouldn’t be the doubt, the questions, the judging, the desire to control, manipulate, strategize, to get what we want… All this comes from mind.

The fact that the question and judging and desire to control arises means there is something to do, some practice.

But in not reacting, coming from silence, and allowing things to unfold in the best possible way, you will be amazed how well things work out for you. There is an underlying harmony, an intelligence behind appearances, if you allow it it play out. God’s Leela if you will.

Sometimes this natural intelligence involves non-action, and sometimes it involves action. There’s no rule in life.

From this knowingness, and allowing things to unfold naturally, because you have this faith or knowledge that it’s all perfect if you just don’t interfere, don’t react, with your personal, stupid mind. Harmony will be restored. It never left, in reality.

This is the impersonal love that is already there. Always has been, always is, always will be. The eternal now.


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