"Storm Approaching"    all images & text © 2019 Eric Platt
"Storm Approaching" all images & text © 2019 Eric Platt


Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to keep in mind the totality, the whole, the One that you are. The infinite.
Find out if there are any real borders…
Any real limits…
Can there possibly be any real separate entities anywhere in existence?
Therefore all is as it should be:  there are no accidents, nothing is random, nothing is wrong. Everything is precisely as it is according to exact law. 
All is well and unfolding as it should.
No personal interpretation means anything.
Time and space must be illusions. There is nothing actually happening.
The world appears to be constant change. Nothing stays the same in the world;
Opposites define each other, and are projections of the mind.
The mind does not actually exist but appears in apparent existence along with all other appearances: the totality of phenomenon – Life, The Universe, and Everything – the body, mind, world (BMW).
In what does this all appear?
Find that one.
Find what exists
Find what is real.
Find the Source.

Be Quiet.


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