On Beyond Nonduality – It’s Not About

It’s not about a mental state; it’s the clarity of seeing What Is. Since there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do, a description is offered.

It’s not about psychology: the absolute subject is eternally free from psychological activity.

It’s not about experiences, it’s about the one experiencer that exists.

It’s not about being spiritual, it’s being natural, open and accepting of what is Real, Silent.

It’s not about acceptance, it’s about ending the accepter

It’s not about knowledge of the known, it’s about living knowing the knowingness of the Unknown.

It’s not about becoming enlightened, it’s dissolving the illusion of there being any bodies that become enlightened.

It’s not about gaining anything, it’s life in its natural rhythm refreshed, cleared by stillness.

It isn’t a serious undertaking; it’s an earnestly loving undermining of the seriousness of personhood by serious and unserious means.

It isn’t about love, it’s Love itself: infinite and ungraspable.

It isn’t about changing anything, it’s about uncovering what’s changeless.

It isn’t about peeling away layers to uncover a true self, it’s selflessly surrendering a will that never existed.

It’s not about making a better movie, it’s seeing the movie-ness and enjoying being the all-embracing effortless intelligent beautifully loving screen.

It’s not about finding a balance, it’s letting go of the branch, finding your wings flying free.

It’s not about togetherness or community, it’s standing alOne in the Family of the Unknown.

It’s not about anything, it’s no-thing writing this and reading this now.

Blah, blah, blah…


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