"Desert Arise" • All images © 2018 Eric Platt
"Desert Arise" • All images © 2018 Eric Platt

On Love

What do you actually love? What do you have have faith in, show your devotion to, pray to, as you go about your daily life, thinking and talking and doing? If you took an honest look at yourself, what do you have faith in that you believe will bring you happiness?
In your devotion – where you put your interest and energy (or pray or meditate for, when feeling a need), is it about, or for, money, work, relationships, people, material objects, skills, nature, movies, herbs, drugs, drink, food, sex, books, some therapist, psychologist, coach, spiritual teacher or teachings, practices… all beautiful but these are *all* objects … are they really where your health and happiness truly lie? If permanent happiness could be found out there it would have been; it would be bought and sold and the world would be upturned, but you think you can find it after thousands, millions of years of searching…

If love is not found in human love – is what we mistakenly call love – then what is it? It is not distinct from the underlying reality of the boundless infinite intelligence we are, the inescapable substratum of being, obscured by the illusion of being separate entities.


Is not words.


It is not love *in* something.
It is not served up by religion. It’s not even on the spiritual agenda, as that arises from a wanting
Everything you could say in language, which is dualistic, is going to spur the thought of some thing it is love of.
You could say it’s love of Life, of God, of What Is, of the Timeless Absolute, Consciousness… you could say anything. And it will be spinning yarns.
But it is just plain love. Raw love.
NOTHING captures it, because it is whole, complete, pre-given and fundamental to reality.

It has no room where doubts, second thoughts, conditions, constraints or interpretations could possibly enter. It is more factual than any fact.
Love has no opposite, no other side.
It was given before the universe was born, or seemed to be, or played with Maya.

This Knowing makes itself self-evident: that there is nothing wrong, all will turn out well, always has been, always will be, even when no one else sees it (as they fight and battle in personal worlds, not hearing, not ready). Everything is exactly and precisely as it is meant to be and has to be. If you can see it…

It is handed to you on a platter. You just KNOW.
There is no explanation possible in this world.
I could not have contrived or thought it up or found a way to it.
It is an insult to the mind, to intellect, to the writer, the philosopher, the skeptic… (what? Surrender the ego I built over decades or eons of fine refinements, the sharpest weapons on the planet … quite comfortable here, being miserable, leave me alone thank you, grumble grumble … ).

Deep in the heart, beyond emotions, a feeling deeper than feelings, out of reach of the mind.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there. … ”
– Rumi

Do you truly want to be happy and healthy?
Still think you are a person, a body (and therefore have problems)?

Try this 3-Part Approach. Call it

Common Sense:

Care of Spirit: Faith – Pray to that which you would turn if you were up against the wall and there was NO TIME and you had NOTHING to turn to. But you have to totally mean it, you can’t fake it.
Care of Body: exercise, rest, healthy food.
Care of Mind: meditation in whatever form; time for non-involvement, a quiescent mind.

And don’t forget a little GRATITUDE for all the good things and beauty in your life…

Then you can:

Be of Service: love is giving, is total, not human. Lose yourself.
Stop thinking.
Just Be.
Feel the Presence.
You Are.
Freedom itself.


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