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On Human Genius

I got a question from a friend, an artist from Athens, Greece:

Question: All humans are geniuses? This is the solution. We [only] think we are geniuses.

Answer: Humans aren’t geniuses, humans are just very clever apes. With weapons. Our genius does not come from us being human bodies or human animals, but from a source that is difficult to name – call it the totality, universal intelligence.

Human genius comes from a source we don’t understand intellectually. If we understood it intellectually, we’d be able to reproduce it at will, such as with a machine, or a set of rules, but that cannot be done. Can you build an intuition machine? This is a human fantasy, a product of arrogance and ignoring of one’s nature, but not reality. Such machines are always in the future, and the future never arrives. Don’t pin your hopes, or your outlook, on a projection from your imagination.

Humans have the potential of great creativity with which they could, if they wanted, solve all their problems, material, social, economic, and psychological. But of course they don’t want to. They choose to be in misery, they choose to believe to be separate. Maybe God was bored. Who knows.

In any case, this is a world of duality. There will always be ups and downs, conflict, and civilizations (which are actually uncivilized), coming and going: even so-called “great” and “advanced” civilizations.

So the thing is to transcend this society, this planet, this dimension, this reality, completely. This is not to be done with rocket ships (though those are cool and all part of the play of life), but through understanding who we really are. 

It may appear very beautiful, this planet. But the beauty is in you. Find the Source.

A Few More Impressions

The human brain is a complicated biological computer. But like all computers has no real intelligence. Garbage in, garbage out as they say. The qualities of beauty, peace, love and globality are registered in the bodymind, when they are allowed.

Most of the time however, for most humans, these qualities of our globality sneak through only in rare moments of relative stillness, when the noise of thinking quiets down, when the misery that’s considered normal—that is even ignored because it’s the common lot—is in the way of the perception of reality. These moments of quiet occur during sex sometimes, or when a intense desire has been fulfilled, or in unpredictable moments when a drug is coming on, or one has a large epiphany or insight that breaks through the brain, when one has been working and working on a problem and a wall is hit, and one gives up, surrenders, and finally the light hits you, the solution, the understanding.

This illumination can happen for an artist when they are in the flow of creativity and we open up to inspiration of the moment, and the joy of creativity alights the action and senses and feelings, in spontaneity, effortless intuition, and new forms are born. Something new, fresh is allowed in. Our true nature peaks through. A glimpse of reality though we usually don’t know what it is.

What the clever ape does naturally is ascribe the moment of happiness to the object—the beautiful lover, the peaceful mountains stream, the ecstatic drug trip, the joyful artistic activity—and becomes an addict, a seeker, a desire-er for the abject, the person, place or thing, the activity. A desire for pleasure is achieved, and a moment of bliss ensues, and yet just as quickly passes. It is ephemeral as a butterfly passing in the breeze. Yet we grasp for it. Yet we equate happiness with pleasure. We chase happiness in objects. It will never work, and the evidence is all there, yet we do it, endlessly. Why? 

Because we think we are the clever ape, the bodymind, the proud human, the artist, the writer, the lover, the local experiencer of senses, thoughts, feelings, the local separate haver and doer of things. We are believers. And beliefs are tough to challenge, we grip them so tightly, holding on for dear life. 

For example, the valuing of creativity. We worship it for some reason: perhaps because it beings us new things, and we see so much beauty ostensibly out there, and we are commended for our own “creativity” as an artist or inventor or whatever, and think highly of others with that quality. Our society of technology and entertainment depends on creativity to keep going and churning and keeping the clever apes interested and paying attention to stuff out there, and buying it, spending money on it, believing in it. But where is peace

If one is always coming up with new ideas, bubbling with creativity and chasing after implementing ideas, where is the peace? The world is overflowing with good ideas, yet swimming in misery. Artists becomes drug addicts, or addicted to doing art, yet struggle with relationship, happiness, peace of mind, moods, feelings, thoughts … immensely creative entertainers go in and out of rehab or commit suicide. Captains of technology industries creating new tech products are plagued with depression (which they generally hide) or relationship woes. And on and on.

So ponder this: if God, or Consciousness, or the Totality, Infinite Mind, Universal Intelligence, whatever you want to call what we are at heart truly, if that cosmic totality is omniscience, knows all, has all, is infinitely powerful, is infinite love, infinite bliss, timeless, perfect…  why the hell would it need to create anything more? Creativity is a human idea. A thing valued, relative to what the clever ape wants. And it wants a lot, continuously. It exists in a state of wanting. 

It is however possible to live in this state of pure knowing, of consciousness, the free state, all the time, or at least the vast majority of time. A state of continuous insight, continuous happiness, peacefulness, newness… I have seen in it in a few extremely rare individuals, and I have seen it in myself at times, and the times are expanding their ways through the cracks of silence and elevating the general plane of life overall.

This state which is not really a state but the reality of Being; is not of the brain, or achievable by brains or the mind of man. This is why sages from all times and all continents have always said, that only “pointers” to Truth can be given, and not Truth itself. It’s why metaphors are rampant, and warnings that practices are only temporary placebos, and spiritual bones to chew on until there is a spontaneous uncovering. What you are is what you are, hidden, deep down inside, waiting to be recovered, to burst through the garbage and noise of living. It is like we are living in a 2-dimensional reality, and there is a 3rd that we are trying to translate into the 2nd. But it won’t fit. You cannot grab onto it, and hold in time and space, or fit it into the mind.

Such a state of knowing is not a state, because a state—such as that induced by a drug, or the fulfillment of a desire, or a practice, or by falling in love—by nature comes and goes. A state is part of the world of illusion, when what is real is permanent, static, timeless, absent of change or experiential qualities of the senses and mind. It is nonlocal, a center-less center, absolutely impersonal. This is why it is so difficult to describe except in abstract terms, or in phenomenal terms that sound like lofty ideals. “Infinite knowledge, bliss, intelligence, peace… ” They sound ephemeral and unrealistic from down in the dirt, from the ground, from the 2nd dimension. The dimension of human living.

So how to bring these qualities to life while alive as a body, on the planet? That’s the 64 billion dollar question (I upgraded it from 64 million dollar, to account for inflation, and the high cost of fancy toys these days, and the greater gap between the very rich and the rest).

This is what this blog and future book are about. This is what my current journey in life is about.

Some Tips

Recognize that:

What you are cannot be separate, because how could there be separate entities anywhere in existence, if this is one whole infinite reality, one Being, as your intuition tells you? Where are the divisions except from those of the human mind, the puny, non-intelligent, reactive personal mind that picked up the nosy programming from society?

All you see, hear, feel, touch, smell, taste, is a projection of mind. Unless you get glimpse beyond…

Stop fighting.


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