Papaji – The Cry of Freedom

“There is a river of thought-waves. Everyone is being washed downstream. Everyone is clinging to these thoughts and being washed away.
Just give rise to the single thought, ‘I want to be free.’ This thought will rarely come out of the entire population. The entire population of the planet is moving downstream. They are not destined to give rise to the thought, ‘I want to be enlightened in this very span of time.’
So I call this thought of freedom going against the stream and towards the source. It does not require any effort to give rise to this thought. The thought ‘I want to be free’ is itself free. This thought will take you to freedom. It is the most rare thought. Out of the entire population of 6 billion, only a handful give rise to this thought.”

~ Papaji, from the book Wake Up and Roar: satsang with H.W.L. Poonja, ed. Eli Jaxon-Bear