"Adam Touching the Hand of God" photo by Eric Platt, © 2006
"Adam Touching the Hand of God" photo by Eric Platt, © 2006

The Inside-Out View: Psychological Freedom

When you are up against a wall, at the end of your rope, that’s when it can happen. If you are lucky. The ego has been shaken, usually in small, but sometimes in more dramatic breakdowns, breakups, and breakthroughs. You see a new truth. You see inside yourself. You get an insight.

The questioning, doubting, skeptical mind can be good for understanding and manipulating the material world, for solving problems out there. A scientist uses that tool for probing into nature and intellectual matters. But where spiritual psychological knowing is concerned, all that questioning and skepticism just gets you lost. Science may be based in skepticism and doubt, but there’s another kind of truth that leaves no doubt.

The most essential truth is: we already have it. We have the perfect psychology, we are whole, if we just let go and be ourselves there is a radiant shining light, a beauty that we can’t see but others see, we might feel a bit, but seeing it in others is you too. You’ve got it.

Seeing that everyone is walking in delusion. You, me everyone. All humans. And all animals, anything with a consciousness. With a view. And who knows how far that extends. One for the philosophers.

Great art is a reflection of the beauty of life. This beauty is not just in nature but in our very core. But we get lost. We get scared of this movie we’ve created with our own minds.
If you can see that others are walking in delusion too, you start to forgive and love them for who they are, instead of who they should be.

This pure psychology is not in the body. In fact it’s not even in us. It’s in everything, it’s the very nature of the connection, the invisible sun that brings to you all the love, or whatever you need at the time. You are giving it as you receive it – it’s really the same thing. It never goes anywhere, because it is the timeless effortless light behind the scene.

Thought systems shift when more light is brought into the matter, breaking up the old and allowing that flow and evolution to happen in the now, that feels so good. You might have to go through a little pain in the burning process, but it’s worth it. It’s why we are here.

We are in this cosmic dance, this delusion, because were are the dance. Or the dance is us, is a better way to say it. It’s dancing us.

We are tempted to ask, how how how. How can I change my thinking, how can I get over this, past this. How can I feel better. At times I’ve even wanted to be a different person: “I want a brain transplant” I said jokingly to friends. We’ve probably all been there at times to some degree. And when you are down there, in a lower state of mind, you naturally want to know how to get to higher state of mind. When you are up, you don’t feel such a need to change it. It’s very practical.

And that is what I like about this: connecting the spiritual to the psychological, is very practical. [edit: It happens through Thought. Thought is the catalyst]. And rather than seeking something, you find something: the simple fact that what you are experiencing Now is always and everywhere constructed of divine creation via this vehicle of Thought. But it’s not like it’s a separate something. It is also Mind and Consciousness. You can’t understand it, you accept it, allow it, are being energized by it because you are it. Get out of the way, dude!
Here we are.

The love that you feel is the love that you are is the love that they feel, in an infinite variety of forms. [edit: Before the formation of thoughts, there is Thought]. Which is Mind. Some say “God”. Whatever we are, it’s infinite – this source that we emanate from, are, is everywhere and nowhere at the same timeless time, and infinite knowledge and peace and silent power of love that is life-ing us.

[edit: Consciousness as well is the same thing. A way for us to pretend, give up the game, find deeper glimpses of knowing true self]. You can’t resist. Well you can, but it hurts. Why would it want to hurt? Hurt is just the bodies way of knowing it’s alive and time to wake up to what’s going on, because you fell asleep at the wheel. Emotional pain too is a wake up call. What are you doing to cause yourself hurt. What sort of delusion is going on now? Because right now is a chance to see inside your illusion, break free of it, the mind game.

I love the term, and the feeling of “psychological freedom.” And in this there is a healing. Because you never really went anywhere. You got lost on the road to find out who you were. Because you are it, it is you, it is everybody, already. Turnaround and look form there, act from that standpoint, and there you have maturity, certainty, a guidebook, a friend on the journey.

You don’t have to protect yourself from yourself. This is the really funny part. You’re going along, afraid of what you might find inside. You’re not ready to know yourself. You made up something to frighten yourself with, then you deny you created it, and therefore that you don’t know you can uncreate it anytime you want. Like it’s some solid thing. A memory. A monster in the dark. But our strength lies not in knowing what we know with our brains, but what we feel with our heart. Brains go along for the ride, are useful technology, as it were.

Fear is the enemy, it seems. Having created this enemy, you give it power.

But there is another power, And in getting familiar with that, you lessen the power of the other. Because frankly, it was a false power. The “demon in the dark” has taken it’s mask off, and you break down crying and laughing.

Now its time to have fun. Let go. And just be. Everything will work out fine. If you let it.

Failure is just an idea. Don’t give it a second thought. Just live with the feeling, and with the knowledge, that everything will be as it is meant to be. Exactly on time, exactly per script, perfectly round and beautiful and complete and joyous.

The mind is like a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting an spinning new tales. And each new story has a feeling attached to it. Why hang on to any of them and make them big and meaningful, unless you want to, unless doing so makes you happy?


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