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To Be Human is to Be Frustrated

Readers were asking why all the articles disappeared...

It’s too much “responsibility” for lack of a better word… besides, I never intended to start a blog, but that’s what people called it. It was merely a writing experiment (such as for maybe a book project down the road) to test things out, and to share some photos along the way, or whatever inspired me.

But human beings have a tendency to take things very seriously (or overly lightly, in a surface way), for some weird reason… having to do with what’s talked about in this ... “blog”. They like to “cherish opinions” as some old Zen guy said. Thus the complaints, attacks, politics, rejecting, friendships ending, etc.

And no, it’s not about not taking things seriously or taking things seriously, or anything like that. It’s not about doing or not doing. Although, for a lot of people, “not doing” might be a good start!

On Complaints and Attacks Regarding Non-Duality or Non-Dualists (as if there were such a thing)

People complain about non-duality being “mental masturbation”, or how they want to travel and have relationships (as if anyone is telling them not to?) or have some kind of energetic “love” experience, or this or that special experience, or be like the Instagram stars and live a wealthy life in foreign lands, and believe "Consciousness" is the big goody bag, and don't want to hear about the noumenal, or they are into “releasing” fear permanently with ayahuasca so they can get what they want, manifest money automatically, doing the “ceremony” over and over and over again, going through the spiritual car wash, not realizing the person is still there driving this psychedelic van, no matter how many release experiences, and the ego they are trying to kill is their own creation being re-created by focusing on it, on self-help strategies, given their starting position; they defend their religion that I’m not attacking, and want me to join it, maintain it’s apparent reality;

...and they talk on and on and on and on and on...

They complain about people, and yell and get angry and hang up (“on me” – really on themselves) or complain about a teacher (“I” was associated with at one time), or about being depressed, about society, the mess the world is in, how non-dualists (I am not one, I’m not any thing, I just do what I do, or not) are irresponsible, narcissists, are "bypassing" feelings, don’t "care", are not compassionate, aren’t being ethical, are bad people, no love in the community, whatever, etc etc etc…. and at the same time will say crazy things like “I don’t disclaim ego” as they blast “me” some teacher, as if I am a representative or something. Or out of their pride and prejudice and judgment they are trying to “help” me…

Well, fine. But then don’t complain if you suffer the consequences (talking out of two sides of your mouth).

(67) Jesus said, "If one who knows the all still feels a personal deficiency, he is completely deficient."

That old plank in the eye thing again.

You see the pattern in all this:

You are what you are looking for, and the flip side is, if you are unwilling to look at your own role, your own orientation, the outlook, from which you are looking, you suffer the consequences. “The unexamined life is not worth living”, and the unexamined mind – I should say, unseen mind – will go on creating havoc, and projecting that outward.

Where is the mind seen from? That’s what you need to discover (or can be open to the possibility, entertain the option of). And it ain’t the mind. The mind is dead, so to speak – a thought cannot think – the mind doesn’t even really exist. It’s just a movement. Mind resolves to awareness, the awareness of which, and in which, waves arise.

And regarding this world being an illusion, and all the complaints about that supposed idea:

People will attack the idea of this all being a dream. They don’t understand that what the metaphor of the dream is pointing to is not the same as claiming this world is an illusion. It’s merely pointing out the dream of separation. That is the illusion. The totality is perfectly real. And perfectly whole. Already.

Heck even Jesus (if he really existed) knew that in the totality there are both things happening (apparently) and nothing happening, at the same non-time: a “movement and repose”.

(50) Jesus said, "If they say to you, 'Where did you come from?', say to them, 'We came from the light, the place where the light came into being on its own accord and established itself and became manifest through their image.' If they say to you, 'Is it you?', say, 'We are its children, we are the elect of the living father.' If they ask you, 'What is the sign of your father in you?', say to them, 'It is movement and repose.'"

And even that, apparently, is merely a “sign”!

“You are what you are looking for” has been said often – and besides pointing to the fact we are all the same – made of the same “substance” so to speak – as well as all “enlightened”, and that there is no such thing as “people becoming enlightened” strictly speaking – also implies the end of seeking – not as a person, since that is a concept – but as Reality.

A lot of wanting to fix (the world, the self), trying to control (and frustration, anger, suffering…), and of course, attack and defend, make life a battle, comes from the fundamental misunderstandings outlined here. The sense of separation, SOS.

You will fight endless battles, win some and lose some, but never win that war.

Hopefully, you will be totally and absolutely defeated in your efforts, as perfect failure is perfect triumph. Don’t even try and surrender. The “you” can’t do it!

And thus some wise Zen bloke said:

“Liberation” is liberation from the need to be liberated.

With the wind out of that sail, you lose interest (in the “spiritual” game)… and problem that arise are merely practical ones. The rest of life is merely enjoying This, whatever the heck this is, without worries…



Eric Platt


  1. Kate on April 14, 2024 at 8:12 pm

    Well, I’m glad you write this non blog. Mercifully, battle fatigue is setting in, until it doesn’t, then does. Thanks, Eric

    • Eric Platt on April 15, 2024 at 8:50 am

      Ha, thanks Kate.
      Battle fatigue indeed – not just from a sense of egoity being ruffled (“out there”) by my talking or writing, but in my “day job”, it’s been quite a battle lately, resuscitating a corporation’s website and teeth-pulling corporate communications and “tech hell”…
      The Eric bodymind needs perhaps what they call in the work world context a “vacation”. Rather than creating happy work, we’ve created work atmospheres based in fear and a supposed future, such that we need to escape them regularly, and pretend we are someone else by going somewhere else… :))

  2. Fred Hughes on April 16, 2024 at 6:08 am

    That post was the most illuminating rant I have ever read! Hahaha thanks guy!

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