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(This page refers to an event that happened from 2021 to 2022).


Real Love has no opposite, and no agenda.


Relationships are the most challenging "yoga". —Francis Lucille

… don't go for the relationship, go for the truth!
...  Love is the collapse of relationship.
—Rupert Spira

Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.—Zen Master Dogen



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You are the love that you seek.

For earnest seekers and finders that resonate with the "direct path," or those with an interest in the  non-dual understanding — including those in or not in a "relationship" — this will be an all-encompassing exploration of the topic. What is love really?

We can know it, experience it as a sense of non-separation. But how can it come to fruition in "intimate", or not-so-intimate relations with others, given the ups and downs of the dynamics of appearing to be a human bodymind, with our habits and foibles, seeming lack of "enlightenment"?

Join us for these informal meetings that are both fun and contemplative, structured around sharing any kind of "spiritual" experiences.

A weekly announcement with the week's topic will be sent out beforehand. To be added to the mailing list, please us the Contact Form.

Eric may introduce a topic, but this is not a teacher-oriented group — "everyone is a guru"— so much as an open, more informal discussion among like-minded friends.

The moderator serves as a catalyst and facilitator.


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How can we live in harmony with others?

A person can never live in harmony with other persons. He can only live in harmony with others when there are no others.

Francis Lucille, Eternity Now


It is not a meditation directed towards a goal …

‘Who am I?’ is an infinite enquiry of the Self.

Karl Renz, Commentaries on The Gospel Of Thomas








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