photo and text ©2020 Eric Platt
photo and text ©2020 Eric Platt

Share Your Being

A bit of “practical nonduality” I posted to Facebook today:



I just wanted to remind you, in these “challenging times”:

How important it is to maintain your centeredness in happiness, your equanimity, no matter what, as best you can in the moment. It’s not hard at all, in fact it takes no effort to be yourself, and effort to not be yourself. Feel gratitude for all the beauty and wonder and good things in your life, the love. Laugh and whistle. Say Hi and smile to people in the street, even if they don’t say hi back.

For example when you go into a store, appreciate what *is* there, and don’t go into a complain-fest. This just boosts the ego (false self). Rather, if you want to express yourself, help out a family member or friend and tell them what you found, or joke about what you didn’t.
If the clerks at the store seemed stressed, unhappy, nervous, “rude” or overly reserved, try understanding what it’s like working there and thinking they might be exposed to a deadly virus, having to constantly wipe things down with smelly disinfectants and perhaps worrying about everything they touch and who they come close to, thinking how many hours there are to go, with customers wanting and worrying and asking for things, when other people are at home enjoying the stay-at-home order…

No matter how anyone acts, I am calm, joking and smiling and cheerful as always, knowing all is well, and often it rubs off on them: by the time I leave they relax a little and are kind and helpful, more open and friendly, forgetting what was preying on their minds.

Whatever you are, that’s what you will see.


because it never was personal. This is one of the greatest services you can do for the world. Be at peace.


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