Serene Lake Reflection
Serene Lake Reflection

Start From Happiness

The idea is you start from happiness. Not happiness from something but from Happiness itself.
Happiness is not a state but the nature of one’s nature itself.
Given that it’s not a state, one does not need to be chasing a state, nor anything changing.
If it is changing it can’t be held constant.
If it is inherent it doesn’t need to be held onto, as it is independent and Self-existing (self with a capital “s”, as in universal).

Therefore it’s more a matter of uncovering and revealing rather than doings. This is why it’s called “NON-duality” rather than Oneness, since the teaching and practices (such as self-inquiry) recognizes the situation of human experience and the mind, as a filter.

Since it’s inherent, unchanging, it is not amenable to the (outer) senses, which are for detecting changes.
This is why it’s said it is known in the heart (which is a manner of speaking).
It peeks out as Beauty, Love, and Truth;
Beauty to the sense perception,
Love the the feeling sense,
Truth to the mind (or in humor gotten in a flash!).


There is certainty, and timeless quality to these sparks of illumination, glimpses, in the gap between thoughts or perceptions.

The empty gap that is full of insight: sight from within.

Traditional therapy is still usually based on an implicit, unrecognized assumption of separation. For example, something to be a victim of or blame, bypassing inherent strength. It still sees awareness as something psychological, as a state or a mode or something to access for the individual. Or to progress towards. As local and limited.
Nothing wrong with feeling good or coping or having strategies and skills.
But eventually one wants to go beyond “re-arranging the deck chairs” and find something real.

Or getting beyond therapeutic models of the world and self, there can be an assumption that is pantheist, that consciousness is in things, as if the material assumption is the stating point, or somehow that “It”, with a capital “i”, is out there. This is still dealing with mere concepts.

This is still just the surface.

Surface things may need to change, but perfection is inherent.

Nothing is random…. even if you can’t see what the order or “meaning” is, since the mind is limited. Just knowing it’s there, as a sense, gained from experience, is all that’s needed.

Self Problems, World Problems

You cannot be very helpful solving anyone, or the world’s problems if you ar not happy yourself. You will not have the resources nor the knowledge of experience – to teach what you know or from what you know, or from what you are – and all else flows from that, from “where you are coming from”.

Instead of thinking, feeling and acting from a sense of lack—the driver of addictions of all sorts, including to unhealthy, psychologically-based thinking—one is coming more from what you could call “Source”, which is impersonal, universal, and ultimately indescribable. (Some try and make a religion of it, but it can’t be held onto or put in a final form, since it is the Whole and origin of any formulation or part or perception. Art is a better approximation in that sense).

Inside-Out Harmonization of Life

Your own harmony harmonizes, is in tune, and not out of tune. This is evidenced in, and as, lack of chaos and conflict, in the relative world.

Life proceeds from the inner to outer, so to speak (which are not separate to begin with), which is how it always proceeding anyway. Only before, it was interfered with, by the apparent personal sense: therefore there were psychological symptoms, such as a need for approval, control or security – with fear of death at the core, from assuming one is a fragment and therefore capable of being non-conscious absolutely… which is impossible.

Looking either way – looking out or looking in (which ultimately are the same) – happiness is where it’s at, if it’s a reflection of what is inherent and absolutely real.

Eric Platt

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