image ©Eric Platt 2021
image ©Eric Platt 2021

“The Real Awakening”, by Zephinanda


A Phantom Cannot Awaken

There is no person to awaken, no separate entity that can awaken.
From bodily sleep, a seeming entity can awaken, but this is only a seeming.
It is in a relative way.

How can I hear that what is hearing?
How can I see that what is seeing?
How can I sense that what is sensing?
How can I perceive that what is perceiving?
How can I think that what is thinking?

I can’t, I can only Be it.

No way out.

I cannot not be It.

Every moment
there is no moment.

Try and stop time
and it is there.

Stop trying to stop time…

Dear One,
I do not want to promote the idea that there is someone or something to awaken.

Not promoting the idea that there is someone or something to awaken,
the endless search for something that does not exist will have a chance to settle.

Because, in the vain hope or desire, the ambition, the seeking, for an endpoint or conclusion,
there is no state that will satisfy you
for any period of time
that will not end.

A phantom cannot “take its stand as awareness.”

There is nothing a phantom can do on its own.

Even ignorance and suffering is how It, how “We”, so to speak, like to Play.

Yes, strange as it may sound, there is no “we”, only One, the many fingers of one hand, saying ‘Hi’ to each other,
seeming to accept or reject, love or hate each other,
But never escaping the real Love, the love without an opposite, the This without a second, the actual reality
we Are.



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  1. Ric on February 18, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    Beautiful… certainly nails it! Far too often, most teachings are viewed through the prism of self help, etc….

    • meestereric on February 19, 2022 at 8:20 am

      Thanks Ric.

      Zephinanda added an ending to the end.
      He apparently felt it hadn’t ended, yet…

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