Yet Another Beautiful Sunrise
Yet Another Beautiful Sunrise

Three Keys of So-Called “Spiritual Enlightenment”

Three Insights (and 3 key questions). They are all interconnected. See if you can see how.


1. How Many Minds Have You

There are not two minds. There is not one controlling the other (in the head). There are not multiple minds. Where is the will in the head or brain or mind or self or locally? In fact, where is the mind? If you really look at it, it just dissolves in awareness. Like it never existed. Like ripples in a pond.
There just isn’t any mind, there just can’t be any – it doesn’t make any sense. And, as a corollary, One cannot control thought ay more than one can control the functioning of the kidney or the movement of the clouds.

You either see it or you don’t. You have the insight or you don’t.

2. No Becoming Enlightened for People

(this) person will never become enlightened. Neither will any other. It is not possible. People do not become enlightened. There is no becoming and no people. There is no time (and space - you need both together to have the other) and no person here other than in the imagination.

You either see it or you don’t. You have the insight or you don’t.

3. Everyone is Enlightened

Everyone is enlightened, they just don’t know it. This struck me so beautifully (and funnily) one day, sitting in satsang, Everyone here is enlightened, they just don’t know it. It is such a sweet and poignant thing – all these bodies, the innocent beings, looking for themselves, looking for something they already are. It is only their minds and assumptions, the identification in the way. Like holding up masks before their faces but not knowing it, or having forgotten it.

You either see it or you don’t. You have the insight or you don’t.

Three Key Questions:

Key Question One:

Would you rather be happy, or enlightened?

Another key question:

Would you rather be alive and not conscious, or dead and conscious?


What’s wrong with Now?

Spiritual Teachings Are Not True

Finally, the last pointer for today is (for this essay): none of this is true. So-called “spiritual teachings” are not true. They are only useful. They are just blobs of dark ink on paper or a screen, put together by a mind, made to have meaning in a unique pattern of connections – an interpretation. They can only convey something, and only if one can listen, is open, willing and ready. Hopefully, by some miracle, a “seeing” beyond interpretations, beyond the local mental meanderings and training patterns happens, and awareness sparks itself, becomes aware of itself, so to speak. Even that is a very crude and strange way of talking...!  Awareness is not really aware of itself, it is just aware. This cannot “know” itself… but that’s a whole nother question or topic…

This is just an art form. This is all just for fun, so to speak. Very, very serious fun...

Enjoy this beautiful day.



Eric Platt

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