Mom Kid Grass Cloud ©2024 Eric Platt
Mom Kid Grass Cloud ©2024 Eric Platt

Self Inquiry: Finding One’s True Nature

I have a question.

[S = “Student” A = “Teacher”]

T: OK.

S: Can you give me what you have – this True Nature – you seem very, you know, grounded? I want what you have.

T: If I would give it away I could. But I don’t own it.

S: But it’s what you are, or have, like as a state, or like an experience, right?

T: It’s what I am, in a sense, but there is no “you” here that is real or substantial that corresponds to what you call “you”, which is the image of a body, here or there. I don’t have an image. Nothing is held onto.

S: OK, but what that is, that is you, that is not holding onto to things, that’s what I want. That peace or groundedness.

T: Understood. But I’m telling you, it’s not a thing or a state, or an experience. I don’t have it. As such.

S: Um, right, well I sort of understand – it’s like an impersonal awareness. But it’s maintained or gained somehow, or established, because you didn’t have it before, right? Or something like, cleared away?

T: Yes and no. There’s a memory of an unhappy person, but it’s just an image, a thought. It has no substance. Call it a story. It’s the same for you. And I did not clear it away. Everything happens by itself, naturally. 

S: How do you have it or let it happen naturally? But then that’s a state, being happy or at peace.

T: No, it’s more like what’s left over when the stupid is gone.

S: (laughs) The stupid what?

T: Identification.

S: OK. How can I get rid of of identification, and remain in my true nature?

T: You can’t. There is no way out of identification, since the nature of identification is to not be aware of what you are, and believe to be something else, some object.

A belief cannot escape from itself.

A person can never be free. A human body cannot be happy. 

I cannot talk to a thought, because a thought has no ears. It’s dead.

S: I see that, that you can’t talk to a thought. But otherwise, you lost me…

T: No, you lost yourself.

S: I know! I feel lost! That’s the problem! How do I get un-lost?

T: Tell the truth.

S: I am! I mean I’m trying… I mean… what do you mean?

T: I mean, tell the truth to yourself. A true and absolute self-honesty is the way out. Right now you are listening to nonsense. To lies. A whole lot of rubbish. Rubbish from the world and rubbish from the mind. You’re rummaging around in a rubbish dump, looking for gold, looking for freedom.  

S: I can’t shut it off. I can’t get out of the rubbish. 

T: You don’t need to. Just listen to something else, or nothing. Just stop.

S: I can’t.

T: You can.

S: How?

T: You were born free and will die free. In between is a wind that blows around, hither and tither, but you take great interest in it, and get involved in the ins and outs of every corner it visits.
Doesn’t it get tiring after a while?

S: Yes.

T: So take a rest. And do nothing.

S: I can’t do nothing. I mean, even if I just sit, and like, meditate, my mind is going to do something, be active. And the body does things too. I have to get up after a while and go to the bathroom, or eat, or stretch.

T: You can’t do nothing, but true nature can. And it’s what you are.

S: Oh, jeez, I feel like we are going around in circles. And you talk poetry. 

T: You’re going around in circles. I am perfectly at peace, as free as the wind.

S: I get it – I’m true nature, and you’re true nature. But I can’t access it… And now you say there’s nothing I can do as a person, and on top of that I’m supposed to do nothing. It’s frustrating as hell.

T: Do you see the common element in all those – the one that can’t access it, the one that can’t do anything, and the one that can’t do nothing, and is frustrated on top of it all?

S: Yeah, I get it, I’m my own worst enemy. But see, that’s why I came here in the first place – to, you know, sort of get rid of the “me” that’s driving me crazy.

T: Yeah, kill the ego, right? Because that’s what you heard. (smiles wryly)

S: Yeah. So help me out.

T: Impossible.

S: What do you mean?

T: How can one get rid of a non-existing entity? And who is holding or owning this ego in the first place?

S: (Pauses, stunned). Ha, jeez. Funny. Crazy…But you got rid of yours – so how did you do it?

T: I did not.

S: Well… I mean, how did it happen, or didn’t something change?

T: Nothing changed. Nothing happened. That’s the point.

S: Uh… You lost me again.

T: Nothing needs to happen.

S: But…OK I see what you’re saying, I think – everything just is as it is, and accept it, right?

T: No, you can’t accept it. That’s the point.

S: Sigh. Crap. Well, I know, I need to learn how to accept. Please help me with that.

T: Accept that you cannot accept. If one could totally and one hundred percent absolutely accept that you cannot accept, you would be free, absolutely.

S: Ha! That’s sounds impossible, or a very tall order.

T: It’s completely impossible.

S: Oh, great. Pff, sigh… So … what do I do? It’s impossible, so…

T: Accept that too.

S: I give up.

T: Good. If it’s a real giving up. But sounds more like resignation.

S: Yeah, resignation and anger. I can’t get anything from you.

T: Yes, exactly. That’s the point.

S: So why am I talking to you!? (laughs a little).

T: Why do birds sing? Why do the children play?

S: At least they are happy.

T: So are you. You just don’t know it.

S: I am? 

T: You are happy in your unhappiness. That’s why I can’t, and don’t try and talk you out of it. It’s your freedom.

S: Ohhh, OK. Thanks, I guess… (sounding a little dubious but starting to find a sense of humor…)

T: Don’t mention it. See you later. Take a rest, two aspirin and call me in the morning.

S: (Laughs) Thank you. 

T: See you my friend. 


Eric Platt


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