Guest Post: WHAT IS GRACE?

A brief and poetic parable by Luciana Bellini



Grace is like a Queen that has been preparing the palace

For the visit of God.

She has been doing that since that day,

When she heard a knock on the door.

Feeling the immensity of what was behind it,

She was afraid… She hesitated to open…

And God was gone – She thought.


Time goes by and she feels nostalgia.

That sublime moment of immensity,

If only could she feel it again.

If only could She go back in time,

And open the door to God without hesitation,

To see God’s face, to hear God’s voice…


Day after day, night after night,

She stands by the door, hoping.

One day, exhausted from all the waiting,

She gives up expecting the visit of God.

Exasperated and disappointed,

She asks all her servants to leave,

And for the palace to be emptied of everything

Of everything at all.


Now there is this empty, silent shell.

And the door is open.

Now there is absolute Peace, incommensurable Happiness,

Unconditional Love.

And there is the smiling at Presence,

The smiling Presence.

There is only Grace.



YOU are Grace. YOU are God.

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