Face Sculpture, Alta Vista Botanical Garden
Face Sculpture, Alta Vista Botanical Garden

Women and Self Realization


Of course spirituality and especially non-duality have no gender: they are universal. There is no "women's nonduality" or "men's nonduality" or "female nonduality" and "male nonduality". That would be absurd. And, since spirituality has at it's core the revelations or insights of nonduality, then any gendered spirituality would be specious: superficially plausible, but ultimately wrong.

That being said, one can notice trends, shall we say, in the phenomenal world, and offer opinions that are (hopefully) encouraging ad helpful. One does one's best, anyway, in the moment (of inspiration)... thus the spirit of this little essay...

I may be going out on a limb, but I believe women in this time, have a better chance of becoming Self-realized than men. This is because they are closer to their feelings, and therefore have less work to go through to transcend identification and addiction to self. They are better connected socially, emotionally, physically, and with nature (inner and outer) and with what matters at a core and practical level: the source of life. In this sense then, in general, women are more intelligent than men.

Being closer to nature – not to mention innate intelligence and intuition – they are closer to seeing that the inner and outer are ultimately the same, the same reality, the same light of pure consciousness. 

Therefore in the future, and at times and spaces now, they will guide men, indirectly or directly – sometimes without the men knowing it.

This is all helpful too because they are more closely involved with raising children in most cases, and the education by osmosis that happens there, and in general, will benefit all. 

What role can men play in this? The focus and preference and bias towards men, including in matters “spiritual” in traditional societies, needs to be set aside, forgotten as an anachronism of history. Therefore it is important that more men recognize this, and consciously let go of outworn attitudes, be welcoming and supportive; this is a fresh new era which will invigorate all our being. Power will be exhibited both socially and politically by women, but also in the spiritual realm, where examples and leadership will shine forth, and we should all celebrate.

We can celebrate because society has been stuck in cycles of pointless violence and cruelties, where men are behaving as boys, as they secretly enjoy war games, far beyond where such conflicts are necessary. These conflicts are only necessary for very short times and in limited places, such as the defense of a border, or a defense from an attack of aggression on innocents – unjust action springing from ignorance and deep suffering, inner conflict breaking out into outward physical action.

A new day is dawning where values of the beauty of nature, of the miracles that nurture us, are seen for what they are: the food we produce or enjoy, the procreation of the species, the play of children, the love of animals, the celebration of truth, honesty, openness and real love, the unbelievable bounty and beauty of the planet and the cosmos, which we share with each other in an endless connected universe … these and countless others will be enjoyed when there is a greater balance and harmony in life, not the least of which will be seen in the happiness of life of partners and families (including all pets, animals and plants), spreading out to neighbors, neighborhood, communities, cities, countries, the world and beyond.  

Women, and all of us, need to see beyond the obsession with appearances and the body we have been enculturated with. Getting love, peace, security ... where is it? They or we may go by the "energy" someone has when evaluating a date or a friend or business acquaintance, but what about with themselves, or ourselves? Are they, are you, (feeling) good enough, such that one is not driven by the outward, chasing a condition of the body, the mind, the lifestyle, a state? Living in fear of what could happen, what is lacking... Where is the peace?

Do you know who or what you are?

Spiritual teachers talk about being "established". A sort of stabilization of the glimpse, the realization.

Who, or what, gets established?

That's what we need to look at, ask.


Eric Platt

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